Our Story

Sulit Candle Company was founded by a South Florida native, Tatiana Tilus. Relocating and moving to Maryland from Florida for graduate school, she wanted to create something that reflected her vibrant personality. Despite her anxieties about adding business owner to her list of titles (science teacher, researcher, daughter, friend --you get the picture), she pushed herself to a new level. The daughter of hardworking Haitian parents and a first generation college graduate (pursuing her graduate degree), this bad-ass lady knew she was ready for another challenge.

Sulit Candles are made with cotton core wicks for a clean burn, with no use of paraffin wax, color additives or phthalates. We wanted a natural alternative to traditional candles, so we made one! Every candle is handmade with love from start to finish in the comfort of our Maryland home. We take our time with every order to ensure customers truly love their candle experience. When you light a Sulit candle, the aroma will not only create the vibe you want, but also have you coming back for more.

The dream of Sulit Candle Company became a reality during a time when life was scary and uncertain. One of our main goals in creating this company was to spread a vibe and a message---Self-Care is important, and sometimes it is okay to put yourself first. In times of despair and darkness, we are doing our best to spread our LIGHT.  

xo Always with love


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