Our Story

Meet Tatiana, the owner of Sulit Candle Co., a small business that creates handmade, all-natural candles with a focus on nostalgia and self care. Tatiana is also a dedicated teacher and graduate student, studying bioinformatics in Baltimore, MD.

Growing up in Miami, FL, Tatiana was always drawn to the comforting and nostalgic effects of aromas, and she loved the idea of using them as a tool for relaxation and self care. After years of experimenting with different candle-making techniques and natural ingredients, she finally developed a line of candles that were not only beautiful and fragrant, but also made with high-quality, sustainable materials.

In her  business, Sulit Candle Co., prioritizes the importance of self care, not just in the products she creates, but also in the way she runs her business. She encourages everyone to take breaks, practice self care, and prioritize their well-being, and also incorporates self care themes into her marketing and branding efforts.

In addition to running her successful candle business, Tatiana believes that self care is an essential part of personal and professional growth, and she is committed to spreading this message through all of her endeavors. Tatiana is also passionate about using her candles to provide a nostalgic moment for her customers, reminding them of happy times and helping them to relax and unwind in the present.


xo Always with love


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